In order to provide an increasing gamma of products to its clients, it was created a Plant, inside Agricultural Implements Jan, to manufacture exclusively agricultural wheels, utilizing all the quality and acquired experience in 46 years of implements.

The new plant of wheels - AGRORODAS - is apt in supplying, nationally and internationally, several models of agricultural wheels.

DescriçãoNº de FurosØ FurosRaio da FuraçãoØ Furo Central
Roda 5"x10" Bip.5157094
Roda 5.50" Fx16"61976.2118
Roda 5.50" Fx16"81976.2118
Roda 8" LBx15"61976.2118
Roda 8" LBx15"819101.6154
Roda 8" LBx16"824137.5220
Roda 8" LBx18"819101.6154
Roda W10"x24"819101.6154
Roda DW16"x26"824137.5220
Roda DW16"x26"1024167.5282
Roda DW16"x30"824137.5220
Roda DW16"x30"1024167.5282
Roda DW16"x34"824137.5220
Roda DW16"x34"1024167.5282
Roda DW20"x26"824137.5220
Roda DW20"x26"1024167.5282
Roda DW20"x30"824137.5220
Roda DW20"x30"1024167.5282

Demais Rodas sob consulta.