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Linea 6.000


Device developed to apply dry product by gravity, offering an excellent distribution profile of powdered or granular products, dry and free of impurities. Adaptable and attachable to the LANCER MAXIMUS line.

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Precision in the transverse profile

No need for overlapping

Reduces drift

Applies the product in a localized manner

Articulable sides for displacement

Technical Specifications

Closed dimensions


1.530 mm x 2.720 mm x 1.900 mm (HxWxL)


Opened dimensions


1.000 mm x 6.150 mm x 1.150 mm (HxWxL)


Distance between holes


125 mm


Hole dimensions lozenge format


32 x 40 mm


Thread Rotation


405 rpm


Thread diameter


152,3 mm


Thread pitch


120 mm


Approximate weight


390 Kg


Useful distribution width


6.000 mm


PTO rotation


540 rpm


1 – TM – Distributors with mechanical transmission.

Distribution system

Distribution system through worm thread that provides a uniform profile in all its width, not requiring overlapping.


Application rate regulation (kg/ha) through the Lancer's dosing gate.


Equalization of the product flow, realized by means of metering rulers, driven millimeters by handles.


Components in contact with the product to be distributed, made of stainless steel or protected by surface treatment

Transmission box in oil bath.


Lancer 4.500 TM, 6.500 TM e 7.500 TH Inox 1

Lancer Magnu 10.000 TM e TH e 20.000 TM 1

Lancer Magnu 10.000 Plus TM e TH 1

Lancer Multiuso 12.000 TM 1

Lancer Maximus 8.000 e 12.000 TM e TH 1

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