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Sniper Large Grain Planter


Sniper is a planter of large grains (soybean, corn, beans, among others), operating in conditions of direct planting, with several differentials and technologies, revolutionizing the concept of limitation of planting height and distribution system.

Sniper Jan Implementos


Pantographic Rows

Large capacity reservoirs (fertilizer/seed)

Suspended seed reservoir

Depth limiter system in front of the disk

Row spacing of 45 or 50 cm

Rigid or articulated chassis

Low maintenance and articulations with self-lubricating bushings

Offered with fertilizer or double disk furrower

Practical and quick regulation of line spring pressure without the use of tools

Double pantographic wheel

Technical Specifications


Designed to support torsions provided by level curves and undulating soil topography, validated through experimental tests to ensure greater reliability and performance. It was developed to guarantee the maximum soil copiage, ensuring the correct plantability even on uneven terrain.


SNIPER has an exclusive ratchet system that neutralizes the difference in tire RPM when cornering. It facilitates the reverse gear and allows the total traction to the front.

Double Wheels

The parallelogram format of disuniform articulations makes the tires that lift from the machine, always stay on the same support point. This provides maximum machine transport height in a small space.

Fertilizer/Seed Reservoirs

Equipped with rotomolded reservoirs, and the seed reservoir is suspended, increasing the planting autonomy of the machine. Large capacity and innovative design.


By gears, of easy handling and fast dosage regulation.

Hydraulic lift

Activated through 3.5" hydraulic cylinders with safety valves, preventing the equipment from falling suddenly due to system failure.

Fertilizer Distribution

The planter is equipped with TOPlanting fertilizer metering units, with 1"1/4" double worm threads, rotating in opposite directions, reducing pulsation independent of the machine inclination, always distributing the same amount of fertilizer, equally feeding all the plants.

Seed distribution (mechanical)

The mechanical distribution version of SNIPER has the exclusive TOPlanting X3 distributor, a solution for the farmer to improve the distribution of seeds along the furrow, performing a more uniform planting. The TOP X3 concept was developed to avoid faults and double seeds. Planting at the appropriate speed ensures constant spacing between the seeds along the planting furrow and uniform seed deposition prevents competition between plants, allowing equalized crop emergence. A product with high technology, easy maintenance and that does not require adjustments.

Fertilizer line (cutting disk)

Standard cutting disk diameter of 20 inches, with helical spring that allows the disk to follow the soil undulations. Its mechanism offers greater straw cutting effectiveness, preventing clutching.

Fertilizer line (machete)

Fertilizer line with machete independent of the cutting disk, with automatic disarm incorporated. The disarm will occur whenever there is an obstacle that exceeds the cumulative load of the spring, making it return the mechanism to the original position, without stopping and without the need to lift the machine.

Fertilizer line (double disk)

The disks fertilizer line, counts on the double disk furrower, being configured in lagged disks format (with a 15.5" disc and another of 16").

Depth limiter

Exclusive seeding depth limiter system, located in front of the seed furrowers, with the purpose of closing the furrow left by the breaking elements that are in front, so that no seed that falls into the furrow void is lost. It also serves as a guarantee that no seed germination is lost due to contact with the fertilizer.


Compactors with an exclusive articulation and independent pressure system, ensuring that the seed compaction pressure is homogeneous on both sides of the furrow. Adjustments in the pressure and angle of the compaction wheels. Greater proximity of the compacting wheels to the furrower discs, providing total compaction efficiency, both when planting on curves and slopes.

Ease of regulation

SNIPER has a system of quick and practical regulations of line spring pressure, depth limiters, and a dosing system, without the need to use tools.


SNIPER was developed aiming at low periodic maintenance and machine stoppage during the harvest. To provide this, in all joints, the greased points were removed and replaced by self-lubricating bushings. In hubs that had simple bearings, they were replaced by shielded bearings, increasing the useful life of the components and reducing the downtime for lubrication.


SNIPER is manufactured with military/agricultural tire model 7.00-16 12 plies, ensuring the necessary traction for moving the transmission.

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