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Lancer Organico 3.000


Designed to meet the need for organic fertilization, the LANCER ORGANICO offers conditions for the distribution of manure from cattle, chickens, pigs, lime, gypsum, sugar cane filter cake, in high dosages.

Lancer Orgânico Jan Implementos


Double belt of 80 centimeters wide

Belt Traction in three points

Transmission ratio for low and high doses

Two models of deposition hopper

Technical Specifications

Coupling system


Traction bar




1.5 m³


Maximum charge capacity with limestone (1500kg/m3)


2.400 kg


Required power


40 to 80 HP


Distribution width


10 to 16 m


Wheelsets (Tire/Rim)


7.50-16 (10 canvas) / 5.5 F x 16


PTO rotation


540 rpm


Track gauge


1.608 mm


Free Span under the axle


340 mm


Height of the discs to the ground


574 mm




1.554 mm




1.812 mm




4.336 mm


Approximate empty weight with tires


1.090 kg


Technical characteristics of the belt

Cross-belt for distribution of organic fertilizer and powdered products (dry and wet).

Belt traction in 3 points.

Belt deflector protector, located in the internal part of the tank, arranged longitudinally to the belt displacement.

Belt drive

Speed transmission system to the central and side belt, equipped with single roller chain gears that allow three different combinations.

Front and side cardan with protection.

Reducer type crown and worm shaft in oil bath, with fuse pin system.

Distribution system

Two distribution discs with four straight vanes, containing four angular adjustment options.

Two models of deposition hoppers:

  • Standard Separator - distribution of organic fertilizer
  • Hopper- distribution of lime, gypsum, and others



Distribution Discs Drive

The drive of the distribution discs is done through of the transmission with axles and cardans.

Front cardan with protection.

Transmission box with free spin in oil bath.


Simple wheelset.

Wheelset axle ends with quick-change system.


Tank made of carbon plate, with lateral reinforcements to the chassis.


Hitching of the header to the tractor drawbar.

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