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Fertillus HD 700/6 and 700/7


The solution for the correction and decompacting of the soil in depth, building a soil profile of up to 40 cm. It preserves the soil characteristics and provides a favorable condition for root development.

Fertillus HD Jan Implementos


Chassis System with 2 monoblocks.

Automatic hydraulic disarm of the stems (with pressure accumulators).

Adjustable regulation for directing the limestone profile.

Mismatched stainless steel belts system, preventing limestone accumulation in the reservoir.

Addition of one more operation (Optional Pasture Box).

Fixed or variable rate system with hydraulic drive (Optional).

Optional Items

22'' cutting disk

Pasture box

Fixed or variable rate system via hydraulic motors

Hydraulic header lifting system

Technical Specifications

Coupling system


traction bar


Minimum power required


35-45 HP/arm 1


Quantity of arms Model 700/6


6 arms with spacing of 500 mm


Quantity of arms Model 700/7


7 arms with spacing of 400 mm


Working width with spacing of 500 mm


3.000 mm


Working width with 400 mm spacing


2.800 mm


Working depth range


15 to 40 cm


Working width of the clod-breaking roller


3.350 mm


Total machine width


4.100 mm


Total length


6.700 mm


Total length for transport without clod-breaking rollers


3.100 mm




3.000 mm


Transport height with retracted header


3.200 mm


Cutting disk diameter




Volumetric capacity


2.450 L


Limestone dosing capacity


300 to 3.000 kg/ha




High-flotation tire 600/50 - 22.5


Approximate empty weight


6.118 kg


Theoretical operating yield with 6 arms


1.20 to 1.80 ha/h 2


Theoretical operating yield with 7 arms


1.12 to 1.68 ha/h 2


1 - The power required is related to factors such as the depth of subsoiling and the level of compaction and soil moisture.
2 - Tractor displacement from 4 to 6 km/h.

Working Depth

Working depth adjustment through the articulation of the wheels, driven by the tractor's hydraulic system. The depth amplitude is determined by the quantity of course limiter wedges, located in the shafts of the two hydraulic cylinders.

Rigid Chassis System

The HEAVY DUTY model has as a characteristic the coupling of the furrower sets to a rigid chassis, supporting greater work effort and providing more rigidity and reliability to the system in harder soils.

Subsoiler Arm

With an exclusive arm, point and shank set, manufactured in special cast steel alloy, increasing its resistance to abrasion and decreasing the need for tractor power. It has an automatic arm disarm and rearm system (return via pressure accumulator). Without causing excessive revolving, it keeps most of the plant residues on the surface, improving porosity and water infiltration. The subsoiling arms have adjustable adjustment for product direction, with 5 positions (needs lime in dry condition and free of impurities).

Arm tip

It has specific geometry for the scarification work, made of cast steel with special alloy and heat treatment that gives it high resistance to wear by abrasion.

Cutting disk

Standard cutting disk diameter of 20 inches, with a helicoidal spring that allows the disk to follow the ground undulations. Its mechanism offers greater cutting effectiveness without compromising the working depth of the arm.


Manufactured in fiberglass of great capacity and equipped with a grain-breaker grid.

Limestone blowing system

Via positive pressure turbine, with hydraulic drive of rotation between 3,500 to 4,000 RPM (it requires continuous hydraulic flow of at least 21 l/min).

Limestone distribution system

With stainless steel belts, in opposite movements, ensuring uniform dosing between the lines and preventing limestone build up in the tank.

Clod-breaking Roller

Follows the topography of the land, reducing the size of the clods and leveling the surface of the worked area. It is equipped with bearings in oil bath, articulated supports and helical springs to ensure the stability of the set.


By gears, of easy handling and fast dosage regulation.

Hydraulic lifting

Driven by hydraulic cylinders with safety valves, preventing the equipment from falling suddenly due to system failure.

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