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Supra PLUS


SUPRA PLUS Corn Head was developed with innovative characteristics that guarantee efficiency in your harvest. It allows greater work speed and fuel economy, since its vanes system that chops the corn stalk makes that only the cob passes into the harvester.

Supra Jan Implementos


16° attack angle

Transmission Box in aluminum with exclusive torque limiter system (ratchet) incorporated, in oil bath (Standard).

Adjustment of the deck plates in a single operation.

With an exclusive roller system with 4 drag vanes and 4 cutting vanes.


Monoblock type, made of special high resistance plate, The working angle is 16°, favoring the harvest of snapped corn. The closing and bottom plates are welded to the chassis.


The inverted thread system in the center provides uniform feeding of the harvester's conveyor belt.

The auger can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally.

The ratchet is of the radial type and enables the auger's speed variation through a gear shift.

ASA 60 Chain.

Frontal protection (grid type) against cob throw, during the collecting process.

From 12 rows onwards the auger is bipartite and with double central bearing.

Harvest Row

The Deck Plate Regulation System is through a mechanism that regulates all the rows at the same time, positioned on the side of the Corn Head.

The Stretching System of the Collector Chain is regulated in the factory, equipped with a pre-tensioned spring protected, and with a stroke that dispenses future stretching.

The Collector rollers have four vanes that pull the corn stalk and another four that chop the corn stalk at the gleaning moment. The rollers are mechanized in their front part and fixed into the transmission box.

The structure is assembled, made of a special high resistance plate.

The fixing system of the peripherals is through bolts and riveted nuts, which make the maintenance process easier.

Transmission box

The lubrication of the gearing is in an oil bath. The bearings are of needle and ball bearings, and when combined, ensure perfect synchronism of the box.

The motion transfer system is through notched shafts, dispensing with the use of a key.

The sealing is with O'rings.

The drive is through a hexagonal shaft that goes through the transmission boxes.

The safety ratchet is of the radial type, positioned inside the box, lubricated with the same oil as the gears.

Lateral Transmission

The box is in cast aluminum.

The cover is in stainless steel.

The chain is ASA 80H (reinforced).

The lateral transmission has the possibility of speed variation, through the gear shift.

The lubrication system is in an oil bath.

The sealing is with O'rings and NA 1002 hydraulic cardboard gaskets.

Central and lateral dividers

In medium density polyethylene.

The profile is appropriate to ensure a good conduction of the corn stalk up to the harvest system.

The central fairings have an inclination in all its extension, which eliminate the accumulation of cobs.

The side fairings have narrow profiles and regulation to follow the last row.

The complement, mounted on the side is to avoid the loss of cobs and when the corn is snapped, it can be removed to avoid the accumulation of stalks.

The anti-impact dismantling system is by means of a spring coupling.

The support pulleys are to avoid the wear of the nozzles and improve the conduction of the disarming.

The system is of quick coupling and uncoupling, facilitating maintenance.

Transmission System

Direct from the harvester through the transmission point on the side of the machine mouth.

It is according to the brands and models of harvesters.

Adaptation System

It is specific for each harvester model and brand.

Technical Characteristics


MODEL 45 cm 50 cm
3600 08 07
4100 09 08
4500 10 09
5000 11 10
5500 12 11
6000 13 12
6400 14 13
6800 15 14
16 15
17 16
18 17
19 18


3600 4000 mm
4100 4500 mm
4500 5000 mm
5000 5500 mm
5500 6000 mm
6000 6500 mm
6400 7000 mm
6800 7300 mm
7400 8000 mm
7800 8300 mm
8300 9000 mm
8800 9300 mm

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