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SPJ 2517


The SPJ Rice Seeder has a system of depth limiters specific for rice planting, ensuring the uniformity of the seed deposition height, even in the transposition of ridges.

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Distribution of seed ahead of the fertilizer, ensuring uniformity of seeding and homogeneous germination

Double depth limiters aligned to the axis of the discs, easily adjustable, with a range between 20 to 80 millimeters deep.

Cast iron compactor wheels in angular

Practical and quick pressure regulation of the line springs without the use of tools

Low maintenance and joints with self-lubricated bushings

Pantographic line system, with large articulation (500 mm).

Offered with lagged double-disk furrowers (15.5” and 16”).

Largest capacity reservoirs in the market

Hydraulic side transport (Optional)

Technical Specifications

Coupling System


Traction bar


Minimum power required


4 - 6 CV/Line 1


Quantity of rows






17 cm


Working width


4.250 mm


Working depth range


2 a 8 cm


Seed volumetric capacity


1.511 L


Fertilizer volumetric capacity


1.485 L


Pasture box volumetric capacity (optional)


212 L


Total machine width


6.100 mm


Total length


5.625 mm




2.550 mm


Transport height with retracted header


3.150 mm


Total length for transport


2.800 mm




R2 Tire - 500/70 R24


Approximate empty weight


6.536 kg


Theoretical operational yield


2.55 à 5.10 ha/h 2


1 - The required power is related to factors such as soil type, topography, and hardness conditions.
2 - Tractor displacement from 6 to 12 km/h.


Designed to support the torsions provided by ridges and undulating soil topography, validated by experimental tests to ensure greater reliability and performance.

Depth limiters

The limitation of the seeding depth is done through double cast iron rims, aligned in the center of the furrower axle. Of quick adjustment, they allow the regulation of the seed depth from 20 to 80 millimeters without changing pieces, following the wear of the disks.


The compactors for Rice Seeder version are supplied in two models (angular "V" or convex), both made of cast iron to ensure the best performance in closing the furrow.

Ease of regulation

SPJ has a system of quick and practical adjustments of line spring pressure, depth limiters, and a dosing system, without the need to use tools.

Lines Articulation

With 500-millimeter displacement, SPJ stands out for its wide range of line articulation. Being of pantographic model, aligned to the wheels, they copy level curves and soil irregularities with uniformity.

Fertilizer Distribution

The Seeder is equipped with TOPlanting fertilizer metering units, with double worm threads of 1"1/4, rotating in opposite directions, reducing pulsation independent of the machine inclination, always distributing the same amount of fertilizer. This model, feeding equally all the plants.

Seed distribution

Being the main differential of SPJ, the seed deposit is made ahead of the fertilizer. With this, conformity of the seeded height and uniformity of germination are guaranteed. The distribution is carried out by a fluted, carbon steel rotor.


SPJ, in the Rice Seeder version, is equipped with a double disk furrower, a 15.5" and a 16" disk.


Made of stainless steel of large capacity and equipped with an internal movable partition that allows to interpose different dosages for seed and fertilizer, adjusting to the autonomy of the machine.

Also available in the SEED only version (Optional).

Reservoir Covers

Single covers per section and retractable, with larger opening for easier filling.


SPJ was developed aiming at low periodic maintenance and machine stoppage during harvest. To provide this, in all joints, the greased points were removed and replaced by self-lubricating bushings. In hubs that had simple bearings, they were replaced by shielded bearings, increasing the useful life of the components and reducing the downtime for lubrication.


By gears, of easy handling and fast dosage regulation. Variable rate (optional).

Hydraulic Lift

Driven by hydraulic cylinders with safety valves, preventing the equipment from falling suddenly due to system failure.


The Rice Seeder version is supplied with tire model R2 - 500/70 R24, providing traction for the transmission even in more clayey terrain, besides not damaging the ridges when transposing them.

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