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Power Jet 2.000


POWER JET 2.000 was designed to be adapted to different terrains. It has 4x4 mechanical transmission system and bidirectional steering system, with 25 and 27 meters wide reach options, making a precise spraying, in a homogeneous, agile and economic way.

Power Jet Jan Implementos


Automatic Section Cuts

Hydraulic Autopilot

Direction: hydrostatic, load sensing and bidirectional

Independent active pneumatic suspension

Mechanical 4x4 traction by DANA 80 self-locking differentials

Transmission to the wheel by ASA 140 chain, the largest in the market

Flexible, bolted chassis, for greater resistance to torsion, traction, bending, and fatigue

Work Screen

Cab and auxiliary LED lighting

Optional Items

27 meters bars with 7 sections

Adjustable gauge 2.700 to 3.200 mm

Agricultural radial tire 320/85 R 36

Technical Specifications



4.100 mm




7.880 mm


Width with closed bars


3.200 mm


Free Span


1.280 mm


Fixed track gauge


2.700 mm


Turning radius


7.000 mm




3.550 mm


Empty weight


8.160 Kg


Front axle weight


4.406 Kg (54%) 1


Rear axle weight


3.754 Kg (46%) 1


Charged weight


10.410 Kg 1


Front axle charged


4.997 Kg (48%)


Rear axle charged weight


5.413 Kg (52%)



Main tank textured polyethylene (L): 2.000.

Clean water textured polyethylene (L): 250.


Application width (m): 25

Nozzle spacing (mm): 500

Hydraulic suspension by nitrogen accumulator

Auxiliary lighting for night spraying

Working height of the bars (m):

  • Minimum: 0.60
  • Maximum: 2.25

Spraying system

Control valves panel for spraying, incorporation, and supply.

Spraying pump: UDOR membrane, 170 L/min at 550 rpm (hydraulic motor drive).

Spraying control: 7-section electronic.

On-board computer: Smart Jan controller.

Nozzle holder: triple Arag.

Spray tips: Teejet.


With ARAG incorporator - capacity 30 L in polyethylene.

Bars Control

Hydraulic activated by electrovalves.

Directional System

Load Sensing hydrostatic direction.


Independent active pneumatic suspension

Individual suspension, which provides lower rate of slippage, improving the copy of the terrain and giving greater stability to the machine.

  • Brake: Hydraulic drive with ventilated disc and calipers on the four wheels.
  • Stationary brake, spring applied/hydraulic release.
  • Tie rods: With rubberized pins fixed through bolts.


Tire: 12-4x36 TM93 12 canvas with tube.

  • Suspension: Independent active pneumatic.
  • Tie rods: With rubber bushings, fixed by screws.
  • Clean tracks and Fenders: Tubular with adjustment according to the gauge on the four wheels.


MWM SÉRIE 12 – 4.10 TCA MAR-I 130CV@2.200rpm e 550Nm@1400rpm Turbo Aftercooler.

Mechanical engine, which meets the MAR-1 legislation that defines the limits of pollutant emissions.

Lower fuel consumption;

Polyethylene fuel tank (L): 180

Lower fuel consumption.


Box: Eaton FS 4205 B (5 speeds forward and 1 reverse).

Transfer case with cast iron housing, heat treated gears with high resistance, reduction (1.33:1).

Spring applied stationary brake with hydraulic release at the transfer box exit.

Differential: Dana 80 Autoblocating 1:4.625 Lubricant Oil Type 140 85W140 API GL 5-LS - 5 liters.

  • Wheel transmission: ASA 140 Chain SAE 680 Oil Bath - 5 liters.
  • Application Speed (1800 rpm): in 3rd gear 14.3 km/h.
  • Displacement speed: up to 42.2 km/h always with the machine empty.

Maximum speeds (diesel engine at 2500 rpm): Gear Speed (km/h)

1                           6

2                           11,1

3                           19,8

4                           33

5                           42,2

Re                         7,6


Weld-free stringers made of high-strength steel, thus enabling greater resistance to traction, torsion, bending, and fatigue, extending the component's useful life.

Other chassis elements are built in structural steel and bolted to the stringers, allowing their exchange in case of need.

The gangways allow easy access for maintenance of the engine and hydraulic tank.


Under cushions for vibration damping.

Pressurized with ecologic digital air-conditioning and hot air.

Anatomic seat with electro-pneumatic suspension.

Left side unilateral door.

Green 6 mm tinted windshield with black band, door and rear windows tinted 6 mm tinted smoked with black band.

Radio with USB input.

Compartment for ECU's, 12 and 5 VDC sockets.

Giroflex and LED headlights.

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