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Scarifier Matic 7

The Matic Scarifier works in an average depth of 25cm, breaking up the compacted layer of the soil without disturbing it, keeping most of the plant residues on the surface, improving the porosity and the water infiltration.   

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It has a safety arm system that disarms the flat spring when it meets the correct resistance, thus ensuring a straightness in the work performed, automatic spring reset by hydraulic lifting.

20 inch cutting disk in front of each arm.

Rollers equipped with bearings in oil bath.

Technical Specifications

Coupling System


Traction bar (with head)


Minimum power required


12-15 hp /arm 1


Number of arms




Distance between arms


300 mm


Working width


2.100 mm


Working depth range


200 mm a 300 mm


Free span under chassis


630 mm


Chassis width


2.133 mm


Overall width


2.330 mm


Working width of Clod-Breaking Roller


2.215 mm


Overall width of the Clod-Breaking Roller


2.272 mm


Total length without Clod-Breaking Roller


4.770 mm


Total length with Clod-Breaking Roller


5.514 mm




1.560 mm


Wheelset Tire


RA 45 7.5-16 10 CANVAS


Wheelset gauge


1.930 mm


Approximate weight


2.100 kg


Theoretical operational yield


0,80 to 1,30 ha/h 2


1 - The required power is related to factors such as scarification depth and the compaction level and soil moisture.
2 - Tractor displacement from 4 to 6 km/h.

Working depth

Its regulation is made through the articulation of the wheelset and the tractor's hydraulic system. The width of the depth is determined by the stop screw in the regulation mechanism, this allows the rod of the hydraulic cylinder to be fully retracted when the scarifier is working.

Scarifier arm

It is a tool that breaks up the compacted layer of the soil without causing excessive revolving, keeping a large part of the plant residues on the surface, improving porosity and water infiltration. It is composed of a safety system that disarms the arm by means of a flat spring whenever it encounters any obstacle. To rearm it is automatic, just suspend the scarifier, making the maintenance of the system a simple operation and, consequently, obtaining greater yield and lower operating costs.

Arm tip

It has a specific geometry for the scarification work, and is made of cast steel with a special alloy and heat treatment that gives it high resistance to wear by abrasion.

Cutting disk

20" plain, individual and located immediately in front of each arm.

It offers better cutting conditions of the crop remains, avoids clogging in the arm and has vertical regulation through a sliding bearing and of easy regulation, with double helical springs, which allows the disc to follow the ground undulations. Its mechanism offers greater cutting effectiveness without compromising the working depth of the arm.

Clod-Breaking Roller

It follows the topography of the land, reducing the size of the clods and leveling the surface of the scarified area. It is equipped with bearings in oil-bath, articulated supports, and helical springs to ensure the stability of the set.

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