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Lancer Semea 3.000/5.000


The LANCER SEMEA has technology to meet the demands of agriculture, providing a uniform distribution profile for the most varied types of top dressing fertilizers, pre-planting, and seeds.

Lancer Sêmea Jan Implementos


The only one in the market with a dual dosing system of product flow (normal/fine), for regulation of small and large application rates

Individual and bipartite flow dosing gates, with hydraulic opening control

Distribution discs, flow regulators, vanes and front disc protector made of stainless steel

Special protection system for the seed and fertilizer particles through a deflector that interrupts the air channel, forming a protection curtain

Optional Items

Special axle with gauge regulation width of 3.500 mm

Internal protection grid

Pre-germinated rice protection kit

Technical Specifications

Coupling system


Traction bar




3 m³ / 5 m³


Maximum charge capacity


3.000 / 5.000 Kg 1


Adjustable distribution width


12, 18, 24 and 36 2


PTO rotation


540 rpm


Discs’ height to the ground


1.130 mm




2.412 / 2.852 mm


Standard width


3.010 mm


Optional axle


3.810 mm


Adjustable wheelset standard axle gauge


1.800 mm à 2.700 mm


Adjustable wheelset optional axle gauge


1.800 mm à 3.500 mm




3.880 mm


Approximate empty weight with tires


1.690 / 1.705 kg


1 – The maximum recommended charge capacity is limited to the mechanical resistance of the chassis structure and especially of the tank.
2 – The regulation of the distribution width is made by changing the vanes that have three different sizes (lengths).


Tank made of rotomolded polyethylene, attachable to the chassis.

The tank is fixed to the chassis by two eyebolts, which provide efficient fastening, easy dismounting of the tank, and safe lifting of the Lancer.

Protective screens of the flow metering system and tank bases, made of injected nylon.

Protection caps made of injected polyethylene, attached to the sieves and positioned on the agitators, provide continuous flow and prevent grinding of the product to be distributed.

Distribution System

Distribution discs, flow regulators, vanes, and front protector of the discs made of stainless steel plate

Double product flow dosing system (thin/normal), allows the regulation of small and large application rates.

Individual and biparted product flow dosage gates, with opening control through graduated rods and adjustable stops, made of injected nylon, which provide an accurate flow.

Drive for opening and closing of the flow dosage gates, through hydraulic cylinders.

Protection curtains (deflector plates), positioned under the flow dosage gates, avoid the impact and rebound of the product particles on the discs.

Centrifugal-type distribution system, composed of two concave discs with four adjustable vanes in four different angular positions.

Three sizes (length) of vanes that allow three configurations of mounting on each disc and determine four different distribution widths.

Drive of the distribution discs

Via Cardan 540 rpm.

Transmission box in oil bath.


Coupling of the header with ball joint to the tractor traction bar.

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