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Jan is committed to providing products that meet the needs and expectations of its customers, through continuous improvement of the Quality Management System, while remaining competitive.

Jan, somos o compromisso com quem cultiva

For six decades seeking to improve the producer's experience and revolutionizing the way they farm.

A history of work, strength, and enthusiasm

A history of work, strength, and enthusiasm IMPLEMENTOS AGRÍCOLAS JAN S/A is a successful company, with an internationally recognized brand and a history of work, strength, and enthusiasm.

It has a solid structure, built over years of dedication to the rural producer, which resulted in a modern company, with large facilities and great technological potential


Denominated as G. JAN RAUWERS E FILHO, was founded on August 29, by Gerrit Jan Hermanus Rauwers - a Dutch immigrant - and operated in the area of mechanical repairs in general and in the production of plows, under handcrafted conditions.


1970 On July 28 Henricus becomes a partner in the company, which is now called IMPLEMENTOS AGRÍCOLAS JAN LTDA.


The new facilities of Factory I are inaugurated.


The company name was changed to IMPLEMENTOS AGRÍCOLAS JAN S/A.


Mr. Henricus took over the position as President Director. The company started to live with a bolder and more dynamic management style - with its eyes on the future and its feet on the ground.


The strong connection with the land, led Henricus Rietjens to invest in a large rural area in Tocantins. Thus, Agropecuária Jan S/A was born, a model farm in the region for raising beef cattle and developing rice, corn and soybean crops.


Jan acquired an area of over 50 hectares, in the town of Não-Me-Toque, destined for research.


During the year, the Factory III was inaugurated, which develops machining activities and component assembly for the line of JAN implements.


We entered the nineties. A time that marks the consolidation and participation of Jan in the national and international agribusiness market and gives continuity to the company's expansion. The following years will be marked by revolutions and small revolutions, starting with the development of products for the preparation of direct planting, for distribution, spraying and harvesting. In this period there is also a diversification of the business, in the metallic components segment and the expansion of the industrial park, with the acquisition of modern machinery and equipments and increasingly advanced processes, as well as the appreciation and training of employees.


With the constant focus on innovating and qualifying its processes, Jan was the first Brazilian company of agricultural implements and machines to achieve the certification of the quality system according to the ISO 9000 standard in 1998, which is the basis for continuous improvement and consequent customer satisfaction. Equally significant was the recognition, through the Top Quality Award, for excellence, ethics, valuing the human being, and growth with sustainability.


These awards continue in the first decade of the year 2000, marking a phase of great prosperity and Jan, once again, took an important step: the beginning of the construction of one more of its units, reaffirming its commitment to agribusiness and with social development through job generation. The constant modernization of its industrial park, allied to its capacity to innovate, highlights the company as an important competitor in the most demanding markets, ensuring a large participation in the Brazilian market. Countries in Europe, Africa, and throughout Latin America commercialize JAN products, with a complete line geared to the needs of farmers during the entire production process.


Jan took an important step with the acquisition of the Metalbusch factory, marking the beginning of its trajectory in the spraying segment.


The decade of 2010 consolidates the company's participation in the precision agriculture, sowing, soil treatment, crop protection and direct planting. A new era, the same challenges that have accompanied us since the beginning. What was manual became automated, networks and technology and information structures began to generate greater dynamism and innovation, enhancing the quality of our products. As important as the technological resources and the benefits added to our processes are the human resources. The well-being, health, quality of life, and appreciation of employees are important aspects for the company. With this understanding, we implanted a culture of care, through the creation of health, training, entertainment, and leisure centers. With the increasing expansion of the business, we also develop a greater awareness and responsibility with the environment. This commitment is materialized through various actions such as recycling projects, water treatment, and clean energy, which are recognized through various ISO certifications.


We turn 60 years old. “In the early 1970s, the dream of the patron was that the company would reach 2,400 m². Today, JAN has about 1,200 direct employees working in four factory units, totaling more than 100,000m² of built area” (Henricus Rietjens)

Every great legacy is formed by the sum of small revolutions. To continue revolutionizing is our commitment to this legacy.

Jan, somos o compromisso com quem cultiva