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Jan Technical Assistance

Jan is committed to supplying products that meet the needs and expectations of its customers, through continuous improvement of the Quality Management System, while remaining competitive.

Instruction Manual

Through the manual, the customer finds the necessary information for the diagnosis of abnormalities, maintenance instructions, operating instructions, safety measures, and care so that the equipment has a long life and minimum wear.

The partnership signed between the factory and the reseller includes everything from the delivery of the equipment to technical assistance.

Spare Parts

When spare parts are required, use only original JAN parts, which are properly designed for the product, within the conditions of strength and fit, so as not to impair the functionality of the machine. In addition, the replacement of original parts preserves the right to the warranty. When ordering from your dealer, please inform the manufacturing number, indicated on the serial number plate. The parts catalog facilitates your request.

Warranty Term

The warranty, expressed herein, is the responsibility of the product reseller to its customer. It should not, therefore, be the object of direct understanding between the customer and the factory. The following conditions are basic and will be considered whenever the dealer submits to JAN's judgment any claim for Warranty.

JAN guarantees the product to the first buyer only, for 6 (six) months from the date of delivery.

The warranty covers exclusively material and/or manufacturing defects, and labor, freight, and other expenses are not covered by this Certificate, as they are the responsibility of the dealer.

Any accessories that are not of our exclusive manufacture are not covered by this Warranty, and your complaints should be directed to your respective representatives or manufacturers.

The Warranty will become null when it is found that the defect or damage resulted from improper use of the equipment, failure to follow instructions or inexperience of the operator.

It is excluded from the Warranty the product that suffers repairs or modifications in workshops that do not belong to our dealer network.

Also excluded from the warranty are parts or components that have defects arising from the improper application of other non-genuine parts or components to the product by the user.

Also excluded from warranty is the product that suffers carelessness of any kind, in such an extreme, that has affected its safety, as judged by the company, whose decision, in cases such as these, is final.

The manufacturing and/or material defects, objects of this Warranty, will not constitute, under any hypothesis, reason for rescission of the purchase and sale contract or for indemnity of any nature.


Jan S.A. reserves the right to introduce modifications in the designs and/or to improve them, without this implying any obligation to apply them to products previously manufactured.

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