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Tanker 10.000


Developed so that the harvest does not suffer interruptions, the TANKER grain carts’ line combines robustness and agility for a safe and efficient transport and transshipment of grains, increasing the yield of the harvester in more than 25%.

Tanker Jan Implementos


Captation box: performs the conditioning of the grains, avoiding pressure and friction, protecting the integrity of the grains

Tempered worm threads

Spring-loaded upper thread

Gates for inspection, cleaning, and discharge into hoppers, located at the bottom of the discharge tube.

Optional Items

Hydraulic cylinder kit for Transfer cover

Rear coupling


Wheels DW 16-34, DW20-26, DW 20-30

Technical Specifications

Coupling system


Traction bar


Required power


120 CV


PTO rotation


540 rpm


Volume capacity


10.000 L


Bag capacity (soybean)




Discharge capacity (bags/min)




Discharge time


2'40'' min


Discharge tune diameter


320 mm


Discharge height


4.025 mm


Standard wheelset


(without tires): DW 16-30




2.150 mm




2.990 mm




4.600 mm


Empty weight with tires


1.475 kg


Discharge tube

Coupled to the captation box, which holds the grains, avoiding pressure and friction, protecting the integrity of the grains.

Powered by a horizontal worm screw, located in the tank's internal base.

With an opening and closing regulation system of the discharge tube flow control, through an external lever positioned and manually operated.

Supporting bearing of the discharge tube's upper worm thread, mounted on coil springs.

The articulation of the discharge tube is made through a hydraulic cylinder, equipped with an exclusive mechanical locking system in the discharge position

Rear horizontal worm gear support bearing, located on the outside of the tank.

For operations that do not require product removal, through the discharge tube, use the lower outlets.

Cover located at the base of the discharge tube, on the left side. Used for inspection and discharge into hoppers.

Drive cardan with torque terminal with fuse pin.

Transmission box in oil bath.


Tank made of carbon steel plate.

Arches for canvas.

Cover located on the left side of the tank, used for discharge into the hopper or regulation of product flow to feed the Transfer 500 (optional), activated manually or by hydraulic cylinder (optional).


Axle tips with quick-change system.

Hub with 8 holes.


Coupling hitch to the tractor's traction bar with a ball joint and 150-mm height adjustment.

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