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Tanker Magnu 35.000 Stainless Steel


It has a 400 mm discharge tube, which considerably reduces the discharge time and the fertilizer supply to the planter. The multipurpose tube made of PVC and coated in stainless steel enables a longer useful life of the implement.

Tanker Magnu Jan Implementos


Discharge capacity 180 bags/minute

Fertilizer Supply on the Planter

Hardened worm threads

Spring-loaded upper thread

Gates for inspection, cleaning, and discharge into hoppers, located at the bottom of the discharge tube

Optional Items

Canvas Covering easy kit

Hydraulic brake kit

DW 25-26 - Tandem wheelset

Electromagnetic clutch kit for drive discharge tube transmission via tractor PTO (540/1.000 RPM)

Technical Specifications

Coupling system


Traction bar


PTO rotation


540/1.000 rpm


Volumetric capacity


35.000 L


Bag capacity (soybean)




Height on left side of machine


3.666 mm




3.402 mm


Drive multi-purpose discharge tube

Discharge capacity (bags/min): 150.

Discharge time (min): 2’53”.

Granular fertilizer discharge capacity (Kg/min): 1.700. 1

Granular fertilizer discharge time (min): 15’20”.

Discharge tube diameter (mm): 400.

Discharge height grain nozzle (mm): 5.440.

Feeding System by gravity.

Two discharge nozzle models: one nozzle with canvas for seed discharge and another nozzle with hose to supply planters.

With an opening and closing regulation system for the discharge tube flow control driven by a hydraulic cylinder.

The articulation of the upper discharge tube by means of a hydraulic cylinder, equipped with an exclusive mechanical locking system in the discharge position.

Supporting bearing for the discharge tube's upper worm thread, mounted under coil springs.

For operations that do not require the removal of the product, via the discharge tube, use the lower outlet.

Cover located at the base of the discharge tube, on the left side, used for inspection and discharge into hoppers.

Drive multi-purpose discharge tube

Via cardan driven PTO tractor 540/1.000 rpm.

Transmission box in oil bath, equipped with gears and triple roller chain ASA 60, it has the option of speed change according to the rotation of the PTO of the tractor to be used 540 or 1.000 rpm. For the speed change, a 32-tooth gear replaces the 18-tooth gear, and it is also necessary to adjust the triple chain.


Tank made of removable stainless steel plate.

Arches for canvas.


Hub with 10 holes

Axle tips with quick-change system.


Coupling hitch to the tractor traction bar with ball joint.

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