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12.000 TM

Lancer Multiuso 12.000 TM


The LANCER MULTIUSO is a spreader for the application of wet or dry lime, organic fertilizers, gypsum, granular fertilizers and seeds. When aggregated to the SMART JAN, it applies at variable rates, optimizing its effectiveness.

Lancer Multiuso Jan Implementos


Transmission ratio for low and high doses

Distribution of granular fertilizers and similar products: Two bigger vanes and two smaller vanes on each disc, alternately arranged

Distribution of powdered products and similar: Four smaller vanes on each disc

Grid kit for granulated fertilizers and similar products

Two models of deposition hoppers for distribution and one collector hopper for flow test

Optional Items

Línea 6.000

Grid kit for limestone and similar

Protection arch kit for distribution discs

Tray kit (08 trays and 08 grids)

Kit to increase the free span normal tractor 1

Rail cleaner kit

Technical Specifications

Coupling system


Traction bar




6 m³


Maximum charge capacity with limestone (1500kg/m3)


9.000 kg


PTO Rotation


540 rpm


Required power


110 HP


Distribution width


up to 36 m


Wheelset (tire/rim)


12.4-24 TM 95 (10 canvas) / W10 x 24


Adjustable wheelset gauge standard axle


1.800 to 2.700 mm


Adjustable wheelset gauge optional axle


1.800 to 3.200 mm


Height of the discs to the ground


817 mm


Lancer's height to the ground with arches for canvas


2.770 mm


Overall width


3.010 mm




6.415 mm


Approximate empty weight with tires


2.865 kg 1




for canvas


1 - Lancer’s weight without oil in the hydraulic unit reservoir and without the optionals.

Technical characteristics of the belt

Cross belt with rubber coating type high-abrasion conveyor belt with polyester threads in the weft;

Reinforced belt chain, made from the roller system, provides higher charge capacity and lower maintenance rate.

Dripping system for the lubrication of the belt chain.

Belt deflector protector, located in the internal part of the tank arranged transversally to the belt displacement.

Belt drive

Speed transmission System to the central and side belt track, equipped with splined shafts with gears and single roller chains that allow five different combinations.

Reducer type crown and worm shaft in oil bath, with flange system screwed to the belt drive shaft, i.e., without fuse pin.

Distribution System

The distribution system is composed of two distribution discs, with four vanes on each disc, containing five angular adjustment options.

The discs have a vane model with two lengths and two recommended assembly combinations.

Distribution of granulated and similar fertilizers: Two bigger and two smaller vanes on each disc, alternately arranged.

Distribution of powdered products and similar: Four smaller vanes on each disc.

Vanes made of carbon steel with surface and heat treatment.

Two models of deposition hoppers (standard), for specific use in the distribution of granulated fertilizers, powdered products and similar.

A collector hopper, to perform flow tests.

Dispersion curtain (support with link chains over the deposition hopper).

Distribution discs Drive

The drive of the distribution discs is done through a transmission with splined axles, for the coupling of the cardans and gears, that is, without pins and/or keys.

Transmission box with free spin in an oil bath.


Dismountable axle and tandem set.

Tandem fixed by screws and nuts with organometallic treatment, with lateral articulation and vertical angularity limiting stop.

Adjustable wheelset gauge through of the lateral displacement of tandem set.


Access ladder to the Lancer, located on its side. It has an articulation system (folding) to increase the free span during the distribution work. Tank made of carbon steel.


Hitching of the header with ball joint to the tractor drawbar.

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