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Lancer 7.500 TH Inox


The LANCER 7.500 TH STAINLESS STEEL is a multipurpose distributor, suitable for small and medium crops, for the application of wet or dry lime, gypsum, seeds, mineral and organic fertilizers, poultry litter, coffee husks, among others. Comes standard with hydraulic system and direct use of the tractor. Prepared for use at variable rate.

Lancer Jan Implementos


Cross belt

Modulated reinforced stainless steel belt (optional)

Transmission ratio for low and high doses

Two models of deposition hopper

Optional Items

Variable Rate

Protection arch for distribution discs

Rail set for central distribution

Central Deflector

Injector Device


Device for stripe distribution

Divider and cover for poultry litter

Protection grid

Kit de reducción de velocidad de la cinta transportadora

Linea 6.000

Linea 6.000 Sugarcane

Technical Specifications

Coupling system


Traction bar


Volumetric capacity


4.25 mm³


Maximum charge capacity with lime (1500kg/m3)


7.500 Kg


Required power


80 to 95 HP


Distribution width


6 to 25 m


Wheelsets Tire/Rim


11L15 (10 canvas) / 8LB x15


PTO rotation


540 rpm


Track gauge


1.718 mm


Free span under axle


340 mm


Height of discs to ground


625 mm




1.990 mm




1.990 mm




4.600 mm


Approximate empty weight with tires


1.225 Kg


Technical characteristics of the belt

Cross-belt for distribution of organic fertilizer and powdered products (dry and wet).

Modulated reinforced stainless steel belt for the application of granulated fertilizers and seeds (optional).

Belt deflector protector, located in the internal part of the tank arranged transversally to the belt displacement.

Belt drive

Direct VCR of the tractor with minimum requirement of 50/lpm, driving the hydraulic motor, equipped with roller chain gears that make three different combinations possible;

Reducer type crown and worm shaft in oil bath, with fuse pin system.

Distribution system

Two distribution discs with four vanes each, containing five angular adjustment options.

Two models of deposition hoppers:

  • Distribution of granular fertilizers and similar.
  • Distribution of powdered products and similar.

Distribution discs drive

The drive of the distribution discs is done through a model hydraulic motor coupled to the transmission box;

The oil flow to the motor is controlled through a control block.

Transmission box in oil bath.


Simple wheelset.

Wheelset axle ends with quick-change system.


Materials in contact with the product to be distributed, made of stainless steel, such as, for example, the tank plates, the distribution discs, the rear protection against disc throwing, the dosing gate and the rear cover.

Tank made of removable stainless steel plate, bolted with the lateral reinforcements to the chassis.


Hitching of the header to the tractor drawbar.

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